Possible reasons you’re not getting hired – 5 tips to overcome them

  1. Your CV is not Tailored for the Job:

Employers are looking for someone who matches their job description—and since they’re probably getting hundreds of applicants for each open job, they’re not going to do the extra work to figure out how you measure up.


  1. You’re Not Telling People about Your Job Search:

Talk about your job hunt at non-work events or make a post about it on a private non-LinkedIn social media account. You don’t know everyone another person knows.


  1. You’re Not Fully Prepared for Phone Screens:

Almost all businesses are now conducting more business and especially meetings, online. Don’t be fooled by a “quick chat”. Where possible, prepare for a phone call the way you would for a formal interview.


  1. You Have the Skills, But Not the Story:

You have all the right skills, you’re applying for the right jobs, you’re passing the screens and early interviews—and yet, no offers. What’s going on?

In interviews, you need to make the case for why a job makes sense as the next step in your career.


  1. You’re Coming Off a Little… Strong

Don’t show up an hour early to the interview, wait awkwardly in the lobby, and make everyone feel bad that they’re not ready for you yet. Don’t call every day to see if there is an update on the role. You get the idea.