We don’t just recruit. We headhunt.


Did you know that 86% of our placed candidates were not looking for a new challenge?



We go after the ones that aren’t looking – the game-changers that existing employers want to keep. We know what separates the average from the awesome, and the importance of cultural fit.


Attracting the right talent is not easy or quick.

Without a clear, repeatable in-house recruitment strategy, new hires can disrupt your day-to-day HR operations and objectives.


So what’s the difference between recruiting and headhunting?

First, find comfort in knowing that the terms are often used interchangeably; even by us recruiters (meaning the people who source, screen, interview, reference check, background check, conduct testing, negotiate, and worry 24×7 about candidates for a living).

So aside from recruiting, we tap into the massive market – i.e. we conduct specified searches to identify ideal candidates for a particular role, regardless of whether the candidate is active or passive talent. It’s a very proactive process. Otherwise known as headhunting.


In any case, whether we are recruiting or specifically headhunting – we have tons of experience, and information on the role, company and general knowledge to provide the candidate. We lock in good talent, fast.


If you are looking to expand your awesome team, get in touch!