About us


/nəʊd/ noun (t…echnical) A node is a point of connection; a connecting point at which several lines come together.

Have you noticed our logo? Two entities connected.

We are passionate about connecting the right people!

There is no question that no matter the size of a company, the people who work there are its biggest asset.

Our approach is simple.  We want to get to know you and build long term relationships. Whether you’re looking for a new position – or trying to fill one – we genuinely want to know your recruitment and career needs.

After all, it’s no secret we truly love what we do!

Combining our expertise in international recruitment with our deep knowledge of the European markets, we identify the best recruitment strategies targeted for headhunting talent.

With clients ranging from global enterprises to local SMEs, we recruit at all levels – from entry-level to executive professionals – taking into consideration each candidate’s expectations and career path.

Strong Companies Are Built on Strong Relationships.

Our job is clear — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The key to business success is building excellent relationships.

We have an extensive database, ranging from local to international contacts. But our real pride comes from our strong referral and recommendation market. And of course, our relationships with our passive candidates!

Need to get in touch? We guarantee a friendly and open conversation by phone, and speedy responses via email, guiding you step by step throughout the recruitment process.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! 💥

Actively working with the passive market.
Candidates we place that were not looking for a new challenge.
New company roles
Strong referral network

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