How to be more efficient while working from home

Working from home can offer many benefits in increasing performance, and can help achieve a better work-life balance!

Apply the following 5 simple tips into your daily routine you will discover how much more efficient you can really be! # LetsDoThis!


  1. Set Real Work Hours

The beauty from working from home is that you pick the working hours that best suit your needs! If you are going to make working from home an everyday commitment, then set specific work hours. Each individual is most productive at different times of the day. For example, some individuals are morning people, and they are most efficient and focused during the morning hours. For others, their most productive time in the workday is the evenings. Plan your working hours based on the times your most efficient and on when your boss most needs you! Focus your time and energy in completing your tasks within your working hours! Ensure you manage your time effectively!

Make sure you stop working after your work hours are over! It is important to distance yourself from work once your hours are up so you don’t feel like your overloading yourself and working non-stop!

No matter your schedule, ensure to establish work hours for each day and make sure you stick to them!


  1. Dress Like You’re Going To Work

The reason why most people love working from home is that they love lounging around in their comfy’s. Sound familiar? If you enjoy working in your PJs, tracksuits, or any other form of comfortable/unprofessional clothing then you are killing your productivity. Wearing these types of clothes might be more comfortable, but may make you feel unenergetic, sleepy, or unmotivated, which is the last thing you need while working from home.

As they say “Dress for Success,” While working from home this catchphrase really is true.

We know it might sound silly but getting dressed up just like you would for a normal work day will tell your brain that it’s work time, and not relaxation time. This also includes doing makeup/hair, brushing your teeth and general hygiene. This alone will create a positive mindset, as well as set you up for success and will give you more energy throughout your day!

As well as getting you in the correct mindset for work psychologically, you will be ready to have any video chats or unexpected interactions with colleagues! It will prepare you to get work done, and you will be mentally and physically prepared for the day.


  1. Create a Consistent Work Place

The first step in working from home is to designate an area of your home, specifically for getting work done. It might be a very tempting idea to work from your couch, bed or even garden but this could really affect your productivity. Try to always work from a consistent room in the house, somewhere quiet and away from any distractions so you can focus on work.

Creating your own home office will psychologically make you feel more alert, more organised, and more confident. Ensure you have a desk area as well as a comfy, supportive chair. We recommend you personalize your new office space. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there!


  1. Stay Organised

A great way to keep productivity up is to make sure you organise your day accordingly. Before you even start working, make sure you know what your priorities are for the day are, as well as managing your time wisely.

In order to keep organised you must get into a habit of creating to-do lists, using a diary, calendar or planner are all great ways to keep track of appointments, deadlines, and meetings.

While planning consider when to have breaks throughout the day, plan to complete the hardest work when you feel like your most efficient and try completing the highest priority tasks first.


  1. Eat Healthy

Working from home has many benefits such as having full access to the kitchen. When it’s time for a snack or lunch break, most of us are usually drawn to snacks like chocolate, cookies, crisps or any leftover takeaway we may find in the fridge. On the other hand while we are at the office we are usually open to eating whatever is available at the canteen or whatever we bring from home!

However, research has shown that eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables have a direct link on overall productivity levels. Research indicates that eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day isn’t simply good for the body—it’s also beneficial for the mind. With extra planning & dedication, you can ensure to eat healthier and improve your overall productivity throughout your day.